Monday, June 20, 2016


How Do I Love Thee?
Oh Dearest Donald
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach watching Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan try to squirm away from you.
I love thee like a grotesque new balloon that the Tea Party forced into the Macys Thanksgiving Parade. 
I love thee because you are the Fox News Frankenstein that escaped from the lab.
I love thee with a prayer that you are the captain of the red state Titanic. 
And for now I shall not  ponder that the god who sent you doth possess a sick sense of humor and that our dearest Hillary doth not fucketh this up.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Some advice for Hillary

Dear Hillary
It’s me Bob.
I have some advice about dealing with the snake oil selling gas bag.
You’re the smartest kid in the class running for class president against the class clown.
When you’re standing in front of the room explaining how you got the correct answer on the math homework he’s the jerk in the back of the room cracking kids up by making fart noises with his armpits. He is doing this because he did not do the homework and has no clue what the class is about.
The smartest kid in the class never gets votes by trying to make fart noises. It’s a highly developed skill that should only be attempted by an experienced class clown. if you try it your fart noises won’t be as good as his and the other kids will think you’re pathetic.
You want the other kids to like you but it will be a disaster if you pretend to be someone you’re not.
Your position has got to be
I cant get better laughs than the class clown but I’m very smart and experienced and this is about electing the class president — not the class clown.
 — — — -
By the way I voted for Bernie but now it’s all hands on deck to protect the country and the world from the Neanderthal forces of darkness.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Bullet Review DRY POWDER

PUBLIC THEATER (Opens Tuesday 3/23/16)

Expectations are high when a play about the world of high finance features three famous stars - Hank Azaria, Claire Danes, John Krasinski and one not so famous, but very solid, actor, Sanjit De Silva. Add in Thomas Kail, the director of Hamilton, and hopes were high for Dry Powder a play by Sarah Burgess in previews at The Public Theatre.

Burgess tried to create a play that does what a play is supposed to do. She grabbed a theme that dominates the landscape of our lives - the yawning income inequality gap, sprinkled the dialog with references to Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs, teased out the threads of the embedded human dramas and then wove those threads into a captivating narrative. Raised expectations made it all the more disappointing when the play fell short of a satisfying depth.

Hank Azaria skillfully embodies the unbridled tortured wealth lust of a private equity firm CEO. Claire Danes and John Krasinski are young deal making superstars with mirror image world views about takeovers that victimize.

Claire Danes’ character is a one dimensional soulless Darwinian with an Aspergian cluelessness that stretches credulity. John Krasinski compellingly plays a character, on the other end of the spectrum but does so with a too often unmodulated intensity. Sanjit De Silva captures the persona of a young successful CEO of the takeover target buffeted by the underlying currents of loyalty and decency and his ultimate combat with the rip tide of mega wealth.

Hard to put my finger on what was missing. Maybe it’s the fact that the play tackles the most complex issue that dominates our era and delivers an ending, in the form of Claire Dane’s final monologue, that is frustratingly simple and hollow. It was also unhelpful, in the theatre in the round, to have to watch people in the audience a few feet from the performers laughing at stuff that wasn’t funny.

As we stare in slack jawed disbelief at an over inflated cartoon character of unbridled hate and greed floating towards the Republican nomination, like a grotesque Macy's Parade intruder, a play that sparks a public conversation about greed, fairness and human decency is appreciated.

Sunday, March 13, 2016



                                                                        Donald Trump, President of Trump U

                                                           Trump U Campus

This course is intended to equip students with the basic tools to understand the operation of a modern economy. Students will learn how to inherit a large sum of money.
Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies
An interdisciplinary curriculum through which students can examine the histories, languages, and cultures of the world's racial and ethnic groups to answer the question - what the hell is going on out there?
Trump University emphasizes the importance of having educated people study foreign languages and then finding and hiring those people.  Trump students will focus on understanding what their gardener's are saying.
Study Abroad

Trump University  encourages students to expand their education by exposure to diversity and to challenge their comfort zones. During the second year students must play at least 18 holes at a course not owned by Donald Trump.

Code of Student Conduct

                  At Trump University we are not obsessed with political correctness.  We encourage students to express any passing random thought no matter how half baked, offensive or idiotic. They should do this loudly in front of as many people as possible. If someone interferes with this free expression of ideas, students are permitted to beat the crap out that person. President Trump will pay all legal fees.

School Mascot                                             “Donny”

Saturday, February 27, 2016


Here is an excerpt from Governor Christies speech

When I recently returned to New Jersey to resume being Governor I knew something didn't feel right and I had to act. It was not just that I got lost trying to find the Governor's mansion. It was something deeper. People have accused me of being a thin skinned egomaniac bully just because I shut down the George Washington Bridge and I 95 when the Mayor of Fort Lee would not endorse me. People who think that are wrong and can go fuck themselves. Im not here just because Ted Cruz, an evangelical nut and Marco Rubio, who looks like a Mouseketeer, kicked my ass.  Im bigger than that  and will certainly get over it in 15 -20 years.  Im here today because as a nation I am sick and tired of having to listen to a President who speaks softly, gets along with people and tries to avoid conflict while solving problems.  That has got to stop. This country needs more bloviating, arrogant large guys who will say whatever is on their minds at any given moment and threaten do whatever it is they feel like threatening to do regardless of consequences.America needs a man who knows how to hire illegal aliens to build golf courses and hotels.America needs a President who can stick his lower lip out so far that if necessary in an emergency a bird could land there.
Remember – As we say in the Garden State
We need to make America  Whateva Again.